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Am I the only one who isn't scared of this film?! 😂😳


finally pen badgley! in an interesting role! with his narrator voice! finallt finally!!!!!.

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te ordeno que la abrassssssssssssssssssssss!.

I did some thinking about the cat too, but it has a dark plot twist. (Please keep in mind I haven't thought out the entire background and I haven't read the book.) But what if the cat was evil? What if the cat is the other mother's spy? When Coraline was going to leave her room to destroy the key, he tries to stop her. He may seem to 'help' Coraline, but I feel like he outsmarted the other mother and knew she wouldn't win; so he knew he had to befriend Coraline. I think the cat is the other mother's last resort to protect the key. (The throwing the cat onto the other mother was still unintentional and unplanned.) He also befriended Wybee so he'd have a place to stay in the normal world and he kept an eye out for Wybee's grandmother and her possible plans for the Pink Palace's future. If it were to follow your theory about the well being another portal, then wouldn't the other mother have won because Coraline sent the key down the well? The cat says he comes and goes as he pleases and at the end of the movie, and he seems to leave through a portal back into the dream land with the other mother (his real home). But what refutes this idea is that there would really be no need for the doll. Maybe better spy coverage for the child as the child is in the house alone, like a bedroom? I hope you respond and please give me your feedback. +The Theorizer.

This is "Caroline", an American live action short film in the English language that runs for a bit over 10 minutes and was written and directed by Logan George and Celine Held. The latter is also a prolific actress playing a crucial character in this little tale, but not the one the film is named after because Caroline is a girl sitting in a car during hot weather when her mother is away for a while and left her and her younger siblings there. The situation is witnessed by other people outside who come to help the children in the car. This is a little film about people making unlucky decisions, but also about chance and circumstance adding to these events and making things worse. I think it was an okay little film with some interesting tension, not a perfect film, for example on one or two occasions I felt Caroline was acting too much like a grown-up the way she was written, but it was nothing bad or deal-breaking when it comes to the movie's quality. Still I cannot deny that I am a bit surprised how well the reception for this film has been until now with all the awards recognition and also how it did not only make the Oscars shortlist, but is even considered a frontrunner for the win by some at this point. That good it is not in my opinion. Butt decide for yourself and go see it. I certainly give this little film a thumbs-up. It's a story right out of the life and feels very authentic..

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This looks scary ciertamente es ridículo

When Coraline first see miss spink and forcible in the other world, they recite a hamlet quote during their performance. I actually wrote a paper comparing Coraline and Hamlet and came across information and ideas I was baffled by. The main concept being the motif of security; in Hamlet, a watchful eye is always watching the events that happen, as does the other mother. Another point being the evil mother figure. I think you should look more into the relationship between Coraline and Hamlet, you won't regret it and may even come up with more theories!!!. Watch. Caroline, movie. todaypk Wow, that was an intense short film. I can see a mom struggling with three young children like this. If a film leaves me wanting to see more, I know I've become involved in the story. And isn't that the point?.



u4cuwqx4 SPOILERS PLS DONT READ IF YOU HAVENT WATCHED. So, yeah, I still haven't finished the show but right from the very beginning I knew that he was going to kill her. Why? Because that's what guys that do this do in the end. Let me guess, it is all about you made me do this Beck, I love you so much. Right, so my point here, is the fact that I search this show on tumblr and I see people getting angry at Joe for killing her when they were rooting for him? Wtf dudes, he was gonna kill her in the end, obsession does that..

oh my god,  i love it! Cate and Rooney are just amazing. I can't wait to see the movie.

I died at the XXX part😂😂😂😂 Puta que risa esa maldita parody To be honest, I kinda got scared at the horror one ;^; Great show, I just finished it, took me 2 days because I got obsessed, it's really amazing!!

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